Virtual staff for entrepreneurs and small businesses

  Run your business for a low cost

What is virtual staff or eStaff?

Virtual staff is basically a team of qualified professionals working for your company full-time virtually to complete your business goals.

Virtual assistant vs Virtual staff

Virtual assistant is similar to freelancers, You can assign jobs to them but they are temporary and not under your control but virtual staff is entirely different, They are a team of professionals working only for your company. You can control them from anywhere in the world.

What can I do with them?

1. Start your own digital marketing company

2. Start a web designing company

3. Start an SEO agency

4. Start a logo and graphic design company

5. Run your startup website

6. Start a BPO company

7. Start a call centre

What you get


We interview and recruit suitable staffs based on the job qualification you required for your work.

Virtual working team

You get a team of experienced professionals for your work. We appoint one team leader for each team. He is the one receiving orders and instructions from you.

Office space

We provide office space for your virtual staffs. The space will differ based on the number of employees or plan you choose. Higher the number of employees higher the cost.

Computers and other office equipments

We provide access to computers, Internet and other office equipment necessary to all your virtual staffs for uninterrupted workflow.

Operating costs

We take care of electricity bill, Servers, Office maintenance, Water supply etc. All you need to do is give instructions to your virtual staffs.


We take care of Human resources, Payroll, Tax, etc. You can now freely focus on your company’s vision.

Plans & Pricing

(Package price may increase or decrease based on the type of staff you need. Starts from $500)

savings comparision

Your company

Revenue       $200,000

5 employees  $300,000

Loss              $100,000

With storeshock

Revenue         $200,000

5 employees       $48,000

 Profit                $152,000


1. How can I control my staffs from my country?

Just like how you are giving orders to your staffs. At first, you need to give instructions to them through any medium you are comfortable with like email, video call, voice call etc. The team leader leads your team and verify the final work and send it to you. The only difference is that you are seeing them through your monitor.

For example, You are starting a web designing company so, you need 3 designers and 2 content writers. So, we recruit them and give our office space. When you get a project from a client you can contact the team leader and give all instructions to him. He starts to lead that project and finish it before the deadline, After your approval you can present it to your client.

2. Which role in my company is virtual staff suitable for?

If only computers and internet need for your work then just go for virtual staffs. For example Designers, Web developers, Content writers, Digital marketers, SEO, Data entry, Account managers, Social media managers, HR, Customer support, Moderators, App and software developers, Quality Assurance, Lead generation etc.

3. Do I need to pay in full?

At first, you need to pay 30% of the total amount for Staff, Office space and equipment, after initial payment you get two months trial period, in that time you can analyze that the virtual staff model is profitable for your business. If yes then at the end of the second month you need to pay the remaining 70%.

4. How many days does it take to setup my virtual team?

We need a minimum of one month because we are recruiting and setting up the equipment only for your company. We only pass the work to other staffs in case of emergency. When we find the suitable candidate for your job. We start the process as soon as possible.

5. Can I visit my office?

Sure and free accommodation whenever you visit your office.

6. Can I get a refund?

Refund is only possible if it meet the following criteria

* Within 24 hours from the time of order.
* If we didn’t find the suitable candidates for your work.



We don’t charge for asking questions