Web Basic


  • Domain and Hosting setup
  • web setup
  • Theme & Plugins (PRO)
  • Web pages
  • Handwritten about page
  • Simple landing page
  • Page indexing
  • Logo (basic)


This pack is a base pack best for starter site.

Domain and Hosting setup

Setup your domain name with the hosting account.

web setup

Install WordPress on your hosting and setup all necessary things like tags, categories, menus, header, footer, widgets etc

Theme & Plugins (PRO)

A genuine licensed theme and plugins are added to your site with six months theme support and one-year updates and next year $2 is charged for update time extension.

Web pages

The necessary pages such as Privacy policy, Terms and conditions, Home, Contact and many other pages added to your site.

Handwritten about page

The about page is handwritten with a made up story. We can also add your own work-related contents on about page.

Simple landing page

The homepage is made by giving priority to the UX for better conversion rates.

Page indexing

Index your pages on search engines for better visibility