Web Business


  • Domain and Hosting setup
  • web setup
  • Theme & Plugins (PRO)
  • Logo (PRO)
  • Web pages
  • Advanced layout designing
  • Handwritten about page
  • 2000 words High-Quality Handwritten content (Pro)
  • Royalty free and edited images
  • On-page SEO
  • webmail creation
  • lead form creation
  • Online chat integration
  • Search engine brand reach (3-posts)
  • Sitemap creation
  • Page indexing


This pack is a business pack includes all pro features without marketing. Good for using it as a company site.

Domain and Hosting setup

Setup your domain name with the hosting account.

web setup

Install WordPress on your hosting and setup all necessary things like tags, categories, menus, header, footer, widgets etc

Theme & Plugins (PRO)

A genuine licensed theme and plugins are added to your site with six months theme support and one-year updates and next year $2 is charged for update time extension.

Logo (PRO)

A logo designed in Adobe illustrator by professional designers. We provide different concepts and ideas for each name. You can trademark that logo.

Web pages

The necessary pages such as Privacy policy, Terms and conditions, Home, Contact and many other pages added to your site.

Handwritten about page

The about page is handwritten with a made up story. We can also add your own work-related contents on about page.

Advanced layout designing

Every design on your site will be world class and unique. Special effects are used to improve the site UX. The designs are optimized for high conversion

2000 words High-Quality Handwritten content (Pro)

These contents are written by copywriters. All the contents are Grammarly premium and Copyscape checked. The content is readable and engaging.

Royalty free and edited images

We use royalty free images from popular image sites. All the images are edited to match the site’s design and color scheme.

On-page SEO

Optimize your sites content such as title, description, blogs, tags, Designs to improve the overall site experience and SEO.

Webmail setup

Get emails with your business name like admin@storeshock.com. Improve your status among others.

Lead generation form creation 

Don’t miss your single visitor. Acquire valuable information from your clients and improve your marketing as well as conversions.

Online chat integration

Know who is visiting your site and which country they are from. Chat with them instantly on your mobile device and explain about your service.

Search engine brand reach

Get your business on search engines instantly. Make your domain your brand keyword get more brand reach among competitors.


Include sitemaps on your site very useful for indexing your contents on webmaster tools.

Page indexing

Index your pages on search engines for better visibility